Brushes for Timesavers deburring machine

Deburring brushes for Timesavers

Cosma newly designed brush for TS machines

In-house designed deburring brush for Timesavers deburring machines

For many years now, Cosma has supplied brushes for nearly every type of deburring machine on the market, including Timesaver models. Cosma has recently designed and manufactured a new brush model for the Timesavers machines. 

Great deburring results with Cosma brushes which are quicker and easier to mount

In the Cosma-designed brush the individual plastic or aluminium flanges, which need to be screwed on to the brushes, are part of the brush core, making the brush ready for immediate use. In addition, it is much quicker and easier to position the brush on the shaft, which is particularly useful when different types of material are being deburred as the brushes need to be changed frequently.

The direction of rotation is clearly indicated on each brush. A set consists of four left-rotating and four right-rotating brushes.

The old brush models are still available for older types of machine.

For your information: The Cosma deburring brushes meet the balancing standard Iso 1940-1 Q 6.3.

Video Cosma's deburring brush for Timesavers 




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