Edge sander 1H-PLT

Edge sanding

sanding sides, rounding and deburring edges

Sanding wood sides and breaking edges

The edge sander with disc brushes is suitable for sanding the edges of many products, including panels, doors and table tops. The machine ensures that the edges are broken and the sides sanded (breaking wood edges). The edge sander can be used for sanding untreated wood, including white wood sanding, and for denibbing lacquered wood, such as MDF, veneer panels, oak wood, and beech wood.

Edge deburring brushes

The use of disc brushes with abrasive cloth for metal makes the edge sander particularly well-suited to the deburring of sawn profiles, custom-made extrusion materials and other mouldings. Aluminium, steel, plastics and stainless steel are all materials that can be processed by the edge sander.

The disc brush technology allows the edges on the top and bottom to be sanded at the same time as the sides. Varying product thicknesses can be processed due to the easy access and the user-friendly X-Y adjustment capabilities. The edge sander can be operated at various sanding speeds for the different applications and the work table is finished with nylon for optimal product protection and to allow the product to be guided smoothly. 

Video Edge sander with disc brush for easy sanding 




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