Motorized brush

Brush unit for installation

for any production line, existing or new

Specially developed brush arm for brush application on existing or new designed production lines

The Cosma built-in brush unit has been specially developed for existing or self-developed production lines / systems. The brush is equipped with a motor and can optionally be supplied with a dust cover. The tripod can be adjusted in any height and position (up, down, right, left and at an angle).

This self-contained brush unit is versatile and can be set directly on your conveyor belt, regardless of what type of machine you already have. Thanks to the wide choice of brush options, you can work on any type of material. Cosma adjusts the brushes depending on your desired finish / look. In addition to standard brushes, Cosma also produces custom brushes.

As a machine and brush manufacturer, Cosma can custom build any machine and manufacture any industrial brush.

Video Brush anything, anywhere with the Cosma Unit 




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